What we offer


We provide english tutorial for kids up to adults. For kids, we help to improve the kids' grade at school, help the kids to do their homeworks and also improve their english conversation. For adults we provide Business English and General English conversation.


We provide Chinese lesson to help the kids at school, HSK lesson, General mandarin conversation and Business mandarin conversation. We also provide mandarin translation service for corporate.


Improving the students' grade at school and helping them in their homeworks are our priority. In addition, we explore the students different ways of thinking to improve their problem solving skill. Also, we provide a lot of exercise as preparation for students before they face their examination..


We help the students reach their fullest potentials and get their best grade at school. We review the learning materials, reconstitute students learning activities, help the students to improve their learning. We also prepare the students for their quiz, test or final exam.


We help the students to improve their academic score at school and know Bahasa Indonesia more as their first language.

Translation Service

We provide translation service for personal or corporate for English, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia.

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